Monday, April 26, 2010

So Long and Good Bye...

Thank to all for reading my Blogs, sorry for the grammar mistakes, I'm not an English Major.
I'll try to post every two weeks or so about school and life and everything else.

Good Bye,

I leave you With one of my Favorite Songs, "Don't Stop Believing" that we will make a difference in our students life and our world

Final Blog for EDM 310... ;)

blogs, wikis, presentations, Google Docs,

Google spreadsheets, Picasa, podcasts, videocasts, YouTube, movie making, posts you read,

PLNs, Twitter, other teachers and students outside of our region, comments4kids, comments4classmates, comments4teachers, iTunes, iTunesU

Ok Here I go!

1. The most useful tool(s) that I think will be: Google Doc's, PLN, Youtube, iTunes and iTunesU, Podcast and Videocast will be useful somehow I just have to figure out How am I going to use them in my Classroom? All of these tools we learned will be useful in the "modern age". Google Doc's will be useful for sharing and creating forums, quizzes, presentations, and many other things, Skype will be useful for contacting others and file sharing and working on projects YouTube, iTunes, and iTuneU will be useful for sharing my creations and my students creations, show examples of things, and much more.

2. Yes, there are things would of like to learn. Smartboard, this tool is going into every classroom, This is what school can afford. Smartboards can't grow leg and walk out of the room like an iPad can or a labtop. So maybe we need to spend more time learning how to work and create useful tools on the smartboard software, instead of creating presentations on useful tool that MAY be used in the classroom, instead we need to learn and create a presentation on tools that are BEING used in the classroom.

3. I will forget nothing or try not to forget because it maybe useful down the road but not today.

4. Nothing Excited me, but I was glade to understand how to use and learn how they are being used in class around the world.

5. Nothing was challenging to say. Everything was explain well enough to understand how to work it or create it.

6. Yes, because I already complete the assignment and understood the process of creating to completing the task.

7. Yes, go into the schools or contact the technology department of Mobile and Baldwin Counties and ask what types of Technology is being used in and outside the classroom and schools, and How can I prepare the "Future Teacher" to use this technology?

8. I think I am. If you were to give me assignment and the proper amount of time I could complete the assignment to above and beyond Standards.

9. I will go to workshops, keep up with the new technology, and stay in touch with my classmate from EDM 310 using the Alumni Blog.

Thank You, Dr. Strange for showing us this awesome technology.

See, Ya around.

What Have I Learned...

Well, at first I really did want to be in this class because while doing observation hours for other class they do not use the technology we learned in this class. So how does this help me? I'm just going to be another clueless teacher on the first day of school bugging the technology person "How do I work this?"I did however enjoyed learning about Google Doc's, Skype , and many other "useful" classroom tools. By far Google Doc's has been the most useful tool to me as a student this semester of college and will always be a useful tool of mine.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post to Blogs...

Wow! What great videos. It's good for students and teachers to post to blogs. One reason is so parents can see the work that their kids is doing, and any upcoming projects or field trips. The second reason is for parents can be active in the kids learning and and see the progress that their child is making in school. Last, is so the parent can contact the teacher in another way. Blogging and post students work to blog gives the student some confidence in the school work when other people are commenting on there work. This is just a great tool for all teachers.